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As of 22 November 2022

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Day One

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Erwin Tschachler


Proteomic pathways to personalized medicine
Beatrice Dyring-Andersen (ESDR)

Targeting skin type 3 immunity through understanding the single-cell microenvironment
Tae-Gyun Kim (KSID)

Neutrophils drive skin autoinflammation by releasing interleukin (IL)-26
Jeremy Di Domizio (ESDR)


Asynthetic fission in the zebrafish skin
Chen-Hui Chen (TSID)

Skin Mechanobiology – Regeneration and More
Yingchao Xue (SID)

“Telescope model” for coordinated organ morphogenesis and stem cell formation.
Ritsuko Morita (JSID)

Single-cell and spatial dissection of human skin homeostasis and cancer.
Andrew Ji (SID)

High risk skin cancers, immunoprevention, and the roles of HPV in cancer immunity
Shawn Demehri (Americas) 

Skin microbiota–host interactions in pediatric allergy and atopic dermatitis
Yumi Matsuoka-Nakamura (Asia-Australasia)​ 

The misunderstood matrix in dermal fibrosis
Alexander Nystrom (Europe-Middle East-Africa)​

The Opening Ceremony & Welcome Reception will take place on Pre Congress Day at the Keio Plaza Hotel, in the“Concord” room. Being held at the main venue, it will be a convenient location for all attendees, and will be a great occasion to reunite with colleagues and peers. Light refreshments will be served.

Date: Wednesday 10 May 2023
Venue: Keio Plaza Hotel, Concord Room

Thursday 11 May 2023

Day Two

Neuroimmune mechanisms underlying atopic dermatitis itch and inflammation
Diana Bautista 

Recent Progress in iPS Cell Research and Application
Shinya Yamanaka

Immune-tissue crosstalk during homeostasis and disease
Keisuke (Chris) Nagao

Deciphering pathways in the syndromic keratodermas: insights into oesophageal cancer
David Kelsell (Rudi Cormane Lecture)

To encourage delegates to communicate with each other actively and provide the opportunity for networking while indulging in Japanese culture, Japanese traditional festival style called “En-nichi” will be arranged. Delegates can enjoy rows of stalls of local Japanese food. At the end of the gathering, delegates will be cordially invited to join the circle of “Bon-Odori” (bon dancing).

Date: Thursday 11 May 2023
Venue: Keio Plaza Hotel, Concord Room