Russell Hall

ISID President

Greeting from President of ISID

On behalf of the International Societies for Investigative Dermatology (ISID) and all of our member societies I want to welcome you to the first international meeting of the ISID. In 2018, the ESDR, JSID and SID held the 7th and last International Investigative Dermatology (IID) meeting in Orlando, Florida. The first IID meetings was in Washington, DC in 1989 in response to the growing global reach of investigative dermatology and cutaneous biology. Subsequently every 5 years the ESDR, JSID and SID have hosted scientific meeting, with rotating locations between the United States, Europe and Japan.

Over the ensuing 35 years it became increasingly clear that international investigative dermatology had grown to involve more than just the ESDR, JSID and SID. It was felt that a structure was needed to support investigative dermatology around the world and to conduct, encourage and facilitate collaboration between all scientists focused on investigative dermatology and cutaneous biology. A critical part of that mission was a commitment to hold an abstract driven, peer reviewed scientific meeting every 5 years hosted on a rotating basis by investigative dermatology societies from Asia and Australasia, from Europe, Middle East and Africa and from North, Central and South America. In 2015 the ISID was established by the charter societies of the ESDR, JSID and SID. Over the last 8 years ISID has grown to include member societies from Korea, Chinese Taipei and our associate member, the Australasian Society of Dermatology Research.

This year the JSID and our societies from the Asia region are hosting our first International Societies for Investigative Dermatology meeting in Tokyo. We are all especially eager to gather together as a worldwide community of scientist after the years of isolation that COVID has required. This meeting will bring together investigators, residents and fellows from around the world, all focused on advancing the science of dermatology and cutaneous biology. The program includes presentation of the latest in cutting edge research focused on cutaneous biology and dermatology from our colleagues around the world. Special lectures from experts within and outside of our communities will occur every day. In addition, numerous high quality symposia reviewing the latest advances in cutaneous biology and skin diseases will occur throughout the meeting. Perhaps most importantly we will once again have the opportunity to meet in person, discuss our science, learn together and enjoy the personal collegiality that is the hallmark of our international community. Our venue in Tokyo is exceptional and numerous social events have been planned to celebrate the collaboration and collegiality of scientist around the world that has marked past IID meetings.

The ISID and all of our members from around the world welcome you to ISID 2023. It is our hope and expectation that by gathering together, enjoying the high quality of science, reconnecting with colleagues and meeting new friends and collaborators you will be energized and refreshed.

Welcome to ISID 2023.

Kenji Kabashima

ISID 2023 President

Greeting from President of ISID 2023

The International Societies for Investigative Dermatology (ISID) was established in 2013 with the aim of internationally integrating organizations dedicated to the study of skin biology in the world. The predecessor to the current SID/JSID joint congress was held in Washington DC, USA in 1985, and it later evolved into the International Investigative Dermatology (IID). IID has been held every 5 years: recently Miami (USA) in 2003, Kyoto (Japan) in 2008, Edinburgh (UK) in 2013 and Orlando (USA) in 2018, and IID has made major contributions to the development of skin biology.

Until now, only JSID from Asia has joined and developed IID. However, this time, it took a new step as ISID to become a true international society by joining similar societies all over the world including KSID, TSID and ASDR.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and plays a central role in homeostasis and biological defense as a unique site where the external world and the organism come into contact. In fact, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2021 was awarded to the study of sensory sensors in the skin. At this conference, cutting-edge and advanced skin research will be presented and exchanged by researchers around the world. The results from cross-sectoral fields such as molecular biology, developmental and regenerative medicine, immunology and allergy, biochemistry, and artificial intelligence will be reported on the skin, and it is expected that the results will contribute to clinical medicine such as the conquest of diseases and improve the welfare of the nation.

The program will feature keynote lectures by world-leading researchers, including Professor Shinya Yamanaka of the Institute for iPS Research at Kyoto University, a series of plenary and thematic concurrent symposia, and a number of submissions by the researchers from all over the world through the four-day meeting In addition, by organizing the Future Leaders Symposium, we will support to promote the participation and presentation of young researchers.

ISID 2023 will be the first international conference since the establishment of ISID. We will strive for success not only academically but also from the perspective of human resource development for our future. We deeply hope that skin researchers will come to Tokyo from all over the world and enjoy skin biology and science.