With a Ph.D in cutaneous biology and as a former intern and pharmacist in the severe burns unit at the hospital of Lyon, France, I am passionate about the fabulous organ that is the skin.

Skin is a work of art and as such, I create original educational-artistic PEAUrigami® compositions for display in the medical office and waiting room. A fusion of my passion for skin and for Japan, PEAUrigami® provides an innovative perspective through skin origami. Handcrafted with skin papers, these origamis are educational-artistic tools that can be used to explain dermatoses and the physiology of the skin.  This unique concept of medical art has been the subject of 4 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

I invite you – researchers and dermatologists – to co-create with me and to make personalized and unique PEAUrigami® compositions: such as a dermatosis that you specialize in; a skin structure that you are particularly fascinated by; or a design made with paper modeled on your own skin. And if you are as convinced as I am that an artistic approach is useful as a form of primary prevention for some dermatoses, we can carry out unprecedented, exploratory studies.

Dermatologically yours,
Corinne DECHELETTE, PharmD., PhD.

ABOUT the exhibition



After PEAUrigami® dedicated to the physiology of the skin, I continued my creative work on skin with the artistic reinterpretation of the main dermatoses within the framework of the PEAUrigami® [DERMATOGAMI] exhibition.

This new exhibition is created from photos of skin affected by the main dermatoses and is based on the etymology of the dermatosis presented.

As an interactive exhibition, you are invited during the congress to fold a skin cell in origami: keratinocyte, melanocyte, fibroblast or adipocyte according to your research topic.

More information can be found on her website:
Instagram : @peaurigami

Left to right: Caroline Blondel from the ESDR Office; Kenji Kabashima, ISID 2023 and JSID President and Corinne Dechelette during the ESDR 2022 meeting in Amsterdam.